Thoughts on the VEEP v. Wanna-Be-VEEP Debate

by wisdomhunt

Obama+Romney = I wish!

After watching the VEEP debate Thursday night, I have to admit that neither man excites me as much as the two geniuses we are blessed to have running for POTUS.

Now don’t get me wrong, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan are two great Americans. But what American needs right now is for Obama and Romney to drop the pretenses and join forces.

This is not a crazy idea. Up until 1804, the presidential runner-up candidate became the vice president. Well I say bring it back!

Can you imagine? Obama has done absolute wonders for national defense by maintaining the policies of Bush such as utilizing drone strikes, NSA warrantless wiretapping, the Afghan surge and maintaining Gitmo.

Add to that NDAA and his kill list and there is no question America is safer than ever before.

Romney will help us eliminate the Iranian threat (that Obama seems to be dragging his feet on), assist Obama in finalizing the details of his health care plan (that was modeled after Romney’s very successful Massachusetts health care plan) and keep the banks on board since Goldman Sachs is now funding Romney instead of Obama.

Frankly, Biden has had his time and Paul Ryan’s time is yet to come.

What America needs now is Obama/Romney.