CISPA Lives!

by wisdomhunt

A wise Congressman from Michigan, Mike Rogers, has once again revived CISPA. I told you (first!?) about CISPA here and here.

This legislation has become even more urgent since the last time I wrote about it. Our very own White House has come under direct attack, likely from China (probably in cahoots with Iran, and maybe even with some help from kooks right here in the USA – call it an educated guess).

I assume that news of this hack attack, which came in the form of a malicious link in an email which someone may have clicked on unknowingly, was wisely leaked by the White House to revive support for CISPA.

Here are some of the chilling details as described on NakedSecurity:

  • A malicious spam from a computer in China reached a single unclassified computer in the White House Communications Agency.
  • The computer may or may not have become infected as a result.
  • Protection against malware and hackers is a good idea.

If this doesn’t convince you that we need CISPA yesterday, not tomorrow, then you’re clearly a kook.

Please write Mike Rogers to express your support for this important legislation here.