Nullify Jury Nullification

by wisdomhunt

What is the purpose of a “law”? Have you ever considered this?

The answer is obvious, but sometimes we just don’t do something because it is “against the law” and don’t consider why. The reason things are against the law is because the outlawed action is harmful. Without the rule of law nothing could stop the absolute chaos that would ensue.

Thus it frightens me to share with you that back in June, New Hampshire’s governor signed into law HB 146 which grants juries the right “to judge the application of the law in relationship to the facts in controversy.”

In other words, juries in New Hampshire can now not only decide whether or not a criminal broke the law, but whether or not the law should even be applied.

So essentially, if a murderer kills his neighbor, the kooks in New Hampshire have made it legal to decide not only if the murderer committed murder and therefore should be locked up, but if murder is even a crime!

This law is not effective until January 1, 2013, but it already being used to dangerous effect.

On September 14, a jury in New Hampshire nullified a felony marijuana case. The jury decided that a 59 year old piano tuner, woodworker, father of four and pothead should be set free despite being arrested when the National Guard spotted marijuana plants growing on his property.

Note that they did not decide that he wasn’t actually growing marijuana. He freely admits he is guilty of that. This rogue jury just decided that growing marijuana for personal use shouldn’t be illegal.

Now we all know that marijuana is an incredibly dangerous drug and that is why it was made illegal by the federal government.
For some citizens to just up and decide that they know better than the federal government is a dangerously slippery slope.

So what is to stop a jury from deciding that perhaps somebody shouldn’t be locked up for murder? Nothing if you live in New Hampshire apparently.

Jury nullification is a dangerous idea that needs to be stamped out immediately. Morals and “conscience” are a myth. There are only laws.