Free Birth Control or More Abortions, Your Choice

by wisdomhunt

Let’s hear those kooks against Obama’s free-via-government-taxes-health care explain this one.

A new government study is making big headlines: Free birth control leads to fewer abortions.

That workplaces must provide free-via-government-taxes-birth control as part of their insurance plan is one of the more controversial mandates in Obama’s free-via-government-taxes-health care plan. It created quite a stir in the Catholic Church in particular which has me assuming that those most opposed to theĀ free-via-government-taxes-birth control are also the most likely to be pro-life. They are sure to be in quite a pickle now – free birth control or more abortions? Duh.

Additionally, those opposing Obama’s free-via-government-taxes-health care on the grounds that it will be too expensive should realize that free abortions are much more expensive than free birth control. Therefore, this is a great example of the government saving us money.

The old saying “there is no such thing as a free lunch” is proved wrong yet again by government mandate.

This should serve as an example to other potential programs the government should provide:

  • Free train rides would make driving in cars to work less likely, thereby reducing traffic fatalities and reducing gasoline consumption (not mandatory if you drive a Volt, of course).
  • Free houses would reduce homelessness thereby reduce homeless deaths in the extreme winter or summer and clean up the streets making them safer for everybody.
  • Free loaves of bread would reduce the consumption of artery-clogging red meat leading to less heart attacks.

I could go on and on, but I think we’re really onto something with this free stuff. Now if we could just get the millionaires that make over $100,000/year to pay their fair share.

Free bread!