Thoughts About Thoughts on the Debate

by wisdomhunt

I was cheered to see social media explode in a torrent of bickering last night during the debates. This level of discourse is completely expected for such an important event as choosing who you will tell your friends and family you voted for in the presidential election. I hope this is a sign that apathy is on the wane.

When our ruler for the next four years is appointed prior to Election Day, it will be a monumental event as it always is. We all want our team to win and trying to convince others that you’re on the good team helps flesh out whose ideas really do make the most sense, especially when the differences are so nuanced.

Above all, it is important that we participate in voting for whichever team we choose to play for, Democrat or Republican.Voting for either Obama or Romney is crucial to validating the system and continuing to build upon everything that made America the greatest empire in the history of the world.

In the end, it doesn’t matter which candidate won’t cut Medicare, military spending, repeal NDAA, remove us from Aghanistan, close Guantanamo Bay or cut taxes. America truly cannot lose with either of these amazing candidates except if participation in the system is lacking.