U.S. Government Works with Mexican Drug Cartels?

by wisdomhunt

Some more Stratfor emails that were maliciously stolen by Anonymous are making the rounds. This new batch accuses the U.S. government of helping to facilitate the ongoing drug trade:

“the major routes and methods for bulk shipping into the US” from Ciudad Juárez, right across the border from El Paso, Texas, “have already been negotiated with US authorities” and that large shipments of drugs from the Sinaloa cartel “are OK with the Americans.”

My first assumption when I read this was that Anonymous doctored the emails, and I still think that is likely. My next thought was that this is like just another kook conspiracy.

However, I have to admit that it is possible that the U.S. government could be doing this. It is very similar to what I wrote about the US supporting Al-Qaeda in Syria along the lines of:

The CIA knows things we do not. For us, it is like a chess game where we can only see our side of the board, but the CIA knows all the angles. That is why sometimes it is hard to make sense out of what they are doing, like supporting the drug cartels that are supposed to be our enemies.

So why attempt to explain something that cannot make sense? Just suffice it to say that you can rest easy knowing that the government is spending your tax dollars to make the world safer.