Majority of Americans Approve of Drone Strikes

by wisdomhunt

I do my best here to point out the fallacy in the thinking of the kooks, so it is good to get some confirmation that the majority of Americans are on the side of good. I would like nothing more than to wake up tomorrow and have nothing to write about because everyone has come to their senses.

However, even though the majority are educated, there are still a fair number of kooks out there – 28% to be exact.

That’s the percentage of respondents that disapprove of drone strikes against terrorists. That’s right, a full 28% of US citizens disapprove of the drone strikes overseas that are helping to keep those same people safe.

At least more people here approve than in any other country in the world. In fact, there is no other country in the world where a majority of the population approves of US drone strikes overseas. That is the reward we get here for being the police of the world I guess. Thanks for nothing apparently.

I am also happy to note that a report from the law schools at New York University and Stanford that terrorists account for a solid 1 out of every 50 deaths by drones (2%).

That says to me that, in addition to killing a lot of evil terrorists, we are also removing the next generation of terrorists in one fell swoop by eliminating their children, wives (polygamists!) and other associates.

I’d love to hear a kook argue against the logic in that.