Suicide by Poison Part 2: Paleo

by wisdomhunt

It is well known that the healthiest human diet is the one we are most genetically adapted to: vegetarian.

So I am overjoyed to read the following over at the kook libertarian blog LRC:

Young Paleos

Posted by Lew Rockwell on October 2, 2012 08:12 AM

When I spoke at the two Ron Paul events in Tampa, a young man kind enough to pick me up at the airport told me a fascinating story. The vast majority of young Ron volunteers in offices he visited all over the country were paleo. If a kid ordered pizza—previously the chief if not only campaign food—he was practically booed.

So in addition to overdosing on marijuana and dying of listeria and the flu, the younger generation of kooks will likely not live to see 50 due to cardiovascular disease and who knows what else. If so, my vision of a utopian America without all the kook bickering and bellyaching may happen within a generation as the young kooks die off.

This anecdote also illustrates that ignorance breeds ignorance. Kooks that don’t understand economics and politics are unlikely to understand much of anything, including what constitutes a good healthy diet (even though the government makes it abundantly clear on myplate, dummies).

The government invests vast amounts of money in monocrops such as corn, soybeans and wheat:

Source:Environmental Working Group

So would it make any sense for them to push these on us as “healthy”? just so we consume more of them? to justify further subsidies and continue to the benefit of agriculture lobbyists and processed food companies? Of course not!