Iran Currency in Freefall

by wisdomhunt

Even their money looks evil

Sanctions against our major current enemy in the world, Iran, are doing the trick. The rial has fallen 17% in one day and 80% since the end of last year.

Despite the harm this will cause their innocent citizens, Iran is continuing the same foreign policies that got them into this mess. This is a good indicator of just how hell-bent Iran is to create a nuclear weapon so they can kill all Jews.

One interesting thing to note is that some kook conspiracy theorists are speculating that the CIA is printing Iranian rial and circulating them within the country to create hyper-inflation.

I can say definitively that this is absolutely not true though. The CIA knows just as well as the expert economists at the Federal Reserve that printing money only helps an economy by encouraging spending. That is exactly what QE1, QE2 and now QE3 are doing.

Unless the CIA is trying to help the Iranian economy get stronger, which I doubt, this is just more kook nonsense.