End the TSA!

by wisdomhunt

In the line of duty

End the TSA persecution that is.

A recent entrapment attempt by ABC on a TSA agent has been getting some traction on the internet recently. In summary, ABC tempted as many TSA agents as it took (ten) before they got one of them to take home an iPad they left behind.

And now this in (Fox/Murdoch’s) The New York Post:

TSA let NBA exec carry a handgun on flight to Newark

Does the TSA know what a gun looks like?

The bumblers at the Transportation Security Administration let an NBA executive fly from New Orleans to Newark with a loaded handgun in his bag…

So the men and women putting their lives on the line on a daily basis as TSA agents should be mocked as thieves and bumblers? How many terrorist attacks have succeeded since the TSA was put in place?

There will always be a few bad apples from even the best orchard. That doesn’t mean that we need to completely change our perception of the TSA as one of the most successful new programs the government has implemented in the last decade.

Now the kooks’ favorite news site, USSR Today, has a report from an agent saying that they “steal all the time”. Well how does this “source” know? Yes, he personally stole $800,000 worth of goods. He was then sent to jail for three years, so it seems like the system is working fine to me.

Here are some recent TSA success stories:

3 inert grenades were discovered in checked bag at Glacier Park (GPI) resulting in an evacuation of the baggage room as well as the public side of the airport. Some news reports cited the grenades as “Halloween props”, but to our Officers, they looked like 3 live grenades.


Using a body scanner, Officers discovered an 8 oz. bottle of vodka discovered in a passengers pants at Nashville (BNA).


A belt buckle in the shape of a hand grenade slowed down operations at Kona (KOA) while we went through the proper steps to ensure it wasn’t a live grenade.

Good luck finding a “free market alternative” to the safety the TSA is providing, kooks.