United Nations Considers World Taxes

by wisdomhunt

We pay local taxes on property, state taxes on income, sales taxes on purchase, federal taxes on income, excise taxes on smokes and a menagerie of other taxes. Despite the repeated cries from the kooks that taxes will lead to the death of the empire, rumors of the demise of the United States of America have been greatly exaggerated.

So what else is next? Most economists agree that Keynesian economics have lead to greater prosperity than the world has ever seen. To fund future economic growth via government spending, more taxes are necessary.

So what else is next?

World taxes.

In between the updates on our favorite celebrities and political ads, you may have noticed the intense CNN/Fox News/MSNBC coverage of the recent United Nations General Assembly taking place in New York City.

Highlights from the UN General Assembly

Well that was just the warm-up.

Next up on the UN agenda is a 1% tax on billionaires wherever they are in the world, a tax on all financial transactions, a world tax on airline tickets, and probably more.

Other than maintaining peace across the world, I can think of few better things the UN could do to help the citizens of the world than implementing these taxes immediately.

Because these moves are likely to optimize the cost/benefit scenario, the likelihood that any additional taxes are levied in the future once the UN gains this power is small.

Any unintended consequences from these moves are unlikely.

And in any case, the theoretical negatives the kooks will cite are completely overshadowed by the benefits the world will likely see from a more efficient use of the world’s resources once it is in the wise control of the UN.