Civilian Drone Scare Tactics

by wisdomhunt

There is a new scare campaign being propagated by the kooks: drones.

It is no secret that the government is already flying drones in US airspace and plans to add 18,000 more in the coming years.

Drones are used by Barack Obama to kill terrorists overseas. They have not been used (to-date, that we know of) to kill civilians as the poster above alludes to.

So why are all the kooks so worried? Probably because they have something to hide. If you’re a good citizen, you shouldn’t have anything to hide. The kooks think you should be able to smoke marijuana, drink raw milk, buy 17 ounce soda drinks, marry whoever you want, not wear seat belts – I could go on forever with their insane positions.

As far as I’m concerned, the government can park a drone outside my bathroom window and put a camera in every room of my house. I’d feel freer and safer for it.

The kooks are trumpeting the works of vandalism like the poster above by some worthless “artist”.  Just like so many other street artists, he is clueless and just wants attention for “punking” the NYPD.

Bring on the drones.