Replacement NFL Referees and Why Unions Matter

by wisdomhunt

The current debacle that is the NFL is another example of why using scab labor should be (and often is) illegal.

Unions are so crucial to the United States that we have two federal laws codifying their ability to use violence, intimidation and the oppression of the minority by the majority.

The first is the Norris-LaGuardia Act of 1932, which prohibits the federal courts from issuing injunctions against the use of violence in labor disputes. Obviously using violence would not be allowed if it wasn’t for the good of the majority.

The second is  Wagner Act (National Labor Relations Act) of 1935. The Wagner Act forces workers who voted for another union, or for no union at all, to be “represented” by that union. To establish this compulsory collective bargaining, employers are prevented from firing union organizers, are forced to supply unions with organizing space, and are forbidden to “discriminate” against union organizers.

This all seems reasonable to me. There is a reason why unions are so important that they are protected by the government. It never has and never will have anything to do with campaign contributions, corruption and scandal.

Nope. This is all about saving a nickel, but in the process Goodell is going to lose a dime.