Rand Paul: Half Kook

by wisdomhunt

I kind of like Rand Paul. He endorsed Mitt Romney before his dad was even out of the presidential race and, regardless of your reservations about Mitt, you have to admit that he isn’t nearly as crazy as Rand’s kook dad Ron Paul. Rand’s endorsement of Mitt shows that he has some common sense and isn’t afraid to stick to his guns.

But apparently Rand thinks Iran should be sticking to its nukes. He was the sole vote in the senate against a non-binding resolution to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Logic dictates that if you’re not against Iran acquiring nuclear weapons, then you’re in favor of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons.

Logic also dictates that if you’re the only “nay” vote against 90 “yay” votes, then you are wrong. It is called the wisdom of crowds and it why the government majority always collectively votes correctly. The great history of the United States is replete with examples such as The Indian Removal act of 1830, the 18th Amendment (also known as prohibition), The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and more recently, The Patriot Act.

You know who voted against the PATRIOT Act? Rand’s father.

The apple has fallen far from the tree, but not far enough.