Entrapment is NOT a (FBI) Crime

by wisdomhunt

I couldn’t believe it when I saw this headline in the Chicago Tribune:

Car bomb suspect was not entrapped, federal prosecutors say

Was this even a question? The FBI and CIA have done yeoman’s work getting all the terrorists/anarchists/kooks off the streets ever since the Al Qaeda declared jihad against us. Where is the gratitude to these heroes?

The terrorist in question stated explicitly that he wanted to “wage violent jihad against American citizens”. In my opinion, that’s enough to send him to a military prison as an enemy of the state, but then he took it to the next step. He actually tried to set off a bomb (that the FBI provided him).

It wasn’t a real bomb of course (the FBI isn’t that reckless), but he thought it was. The fact that the FBI egged him on and provided him the bomb and provided him with targets and kept fomenting the hatred he has as an impressionable 18 year old teenager: irrelevant. He is a terrorist! Period!

There have been a number of other eerily similar cases, in Chicago, Cleveland and elsewhere across the land of the free. Yes, the government is often involved in these cases, but that is clearly because the wannabe terrorists could not execute the crimes on their own and therefore would never be arrested for their hateful thoughts.

Thank goodness that they’re off the streets now though. I for one will sleep easier tonight knowing that the CIA and FBI are out there protecting the American way of life.