Bloomberg’s Soda Ban – Take it National!

by wisdomhunt

The Bloomberg soda ban finally passed in New York City the other day. I’ll never understand why we sit on our hands with this important legislation and don’t let Bloomberg just pass good laws immediately without all this conferring, but I digress.

My bigger question is: why is this just a NYC ban? What will it take to decree this nationally?

I’m sure that Barack Obama agrees with this ban, and he isn’t afraid to pass necessary laws. Michelle Obama has already praised it and she is really into healthy food and gardening. So why can’t Obama just exec order this and make it the law of the land?

Well I have a theory that Obama is reluctant to do so because Bloomberg was at one point a Republican and Obama cannot even give the whiff of agreeing with someone that is friendly with those kooks, even if he does agree with him.

It is unfortunate that politics would get in the way of a national health crisis though. A federal soda ban could really food be a stepping stone towards a healthier population. It can easily be justified now that we have a government health care option.

Eventually we should be able to ban soda completely, then saturated fat, then butter, egg yolks, red meat, etc. in the best interests of the population.

Based on the people I see waddling around America, these orders can’t come soon enough.