by wisdomhunt

I took a trip through the good old farm belt this weekend and noticed a dangerous trend: chicken eggs.

It seemed to me that ‘Fresh Eggs’ signs were more prominent than Obama and Romney signs combined. I call this ‘dangerous’ because these signs were outside just any random house (or trailer). They were not from sanitary processing facilities. They weren’t even farms. They were just random houses (or trailers).

I cannot fathom how this can be legal without the FDA and USDA food inspectors ensuring our safety. Surely it just isn’t a primary issue with so many other things the inspectors have to do to keep us safe daily (plus:budget cuts).

Regardless, I know what it isn’t and that is safe. Mark my words, someone is going to get sick eating an egg from one of these backyard chicken coopers and then this trend will end.

And I will say: good riddance, kooks.