I Want My NDAA

by wisdomhunt

Supposedly (although CNN hasn’t reported this yet, so I’m not sure that I believe it) a federal judge has issued a permanent injunction against the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA.

If you aren’t familiar with NDAA, all you need to know is that it protects law-abiding citizens like us from those plotting to cause us harm. Specifically:

The NDAA is a federal law signed into law by President Obama on December 31, 2011 that authorizes the government to detain persons–without charge or trial–including U.S. citizens, who “substantially support” Al-Qaeda, the Taliban or their “associated forces.”

I consider this law one of the most important pieces of legislation Obama has executive ordered during his presidency. It is right up there with drones and hopefully CISPA as one of the few things protecting us from the terrorists and kooks that want to kill.

So now we’ve got another judge overstepping his post and impeding on the ability of our leader to pass laws that protect us. The kooks are already cheering because they love the idea of not getting locked up for talking about Ron Paul and “liberty” wherever/whenever/however they please. Let me tell you though, those are dangerous ideas and this is a dangerous move by this judge. He should be held accountable for stepping on O’s toes.