9/11 Truther Kooks Infecting PBS

by wisdomhunt

I wanted to save this post for 9/12 as a show of respect because what I’m about to post about is incredibly disrespectful.

I have included a link to a 9/11 “truther” video that has been playing on the public broadcasting station in Colorado. Is Colorado just full of kooks and pothead rock climbers? This is PBS. The P stands for public. This isn’t Russia Today or Al Jazeera whose main purpose is to spread disinformation! I can’t believe our government tax dollars are being used to spread this filth:

The government has already given the official, final word on 9/11, just like they did on Kennedy, Waco, Ruby Ridge, the Oklahoma City bombing, Iraqi WMD’s and Fast and Furious.

It is downright un-American to question the leaders of the greatest nation in the history of the universe.

Move along sheeple, nothing to see here. The best thing to do is to ignore this and go back to the Kardashians.