by wisdomhunt

The only only thing worse than the Republican Party/Tea Party/Grand Ole Party/Rich White Men Party are the kooks that worship Ron Paul or “Doctor Paul” as they like to call him (as if him being a medical doctor lends some credence to his insane ideas).

Any sane person (such as myself) realizes that Republicans should be legally committed. However, a special distinction of kookiness should be awarded to the government-hating Ron Paul disciples. These people literally want to abolish almost everything the government does for us, leaving the poor, disabled and elderly to lay dying in the streets with their only hope of being put out of their misery left up to the inevitable terrorist attacks that would come from the abolition of having our soldiers overseas defending us.

If you’ve been able to avoid the Ron Paul lovefest that has been going on for seemingly the last decade leading up to the Republican’t Convention, here are some of his more extreme views (via one of the few unbiased media outlets: Mother Jones) with my comments in italics:

  • Eviscerate Entitlements – in the middle of Bush’s ongoing Great Recession with healthcare costs out of control…great idea Doctor! The debt problem isn’t THAT big ($16 trillion – schmillion)!
  • Lay Off Half His Cabinet – oh yeah, let’s abolish all the federal agencies keeping us safe thereby throwing us to the corporate wolves. Free markets have never worked, Doctor! You need regulation to keep the crooks in line. Plus, how many tens of extra unemployed government workers would this result in during Bush’s ongoing Great Recession? The debt problem isn’t THAT big ($16 trillion – schmillion)!
  • Enable State Extremism – states could decide how they want to govern themselves locally? Sure, Nevada somehow functions with seemingly no laws, but does that mean you want the state next to where YOU live to allow gambling? Prostitution? Marijuana???? All I can say is thank goodness most states have none of those things today. If my kids could get their hands on dangerous drugs like marijuana you know what we would have? Chaos!
  • Rescind the Bin Laden Raid – work with our enemy Pakistan to capture Bin Laden peacefully? Why? So we could interrogate him and try him in a criminal court? Shameful that Ron Paul is a veteran.
  • Keep Monopolies Intact – all I can say to this is this: if I had no option in landline telephone service today because we never broke up Ma Bell, how in the world could I call my mother halfway across the country? What if we had never forced Microsoft to pay for bundling Internet Explorer so that we could peacefully use Netscape? You get the idea. Ludicrous!

They list like ten more, but I’m too frustrated to continue. To continue:

The blind sheeple that worship this kook clearly have no understanding of economics. Last week the kraziest of the kooks were in Tampa causing mayhem (HuffPo) and chaos (Buzzfeed). This is literally the only thing that they know how to do, as evidenced by the state conventions that they tried to take over.

If the Paul disciples think mayhem (specifically “anarcho-capitalism” as they like to call it) is the answer, nobody is keeping them from retiring to Somalia, a country whose top export is mayhem[1], to live out their dreams in an anarchic paradise.
Good riddance, Ron Paul.

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