One Flew Over the Kook’s Nest

by wisdomhunt

The kooks have been up in arms lately about another attempt to protect those of us that don’t carry around loaded AK-47’s under their bulletproof vests to our kids’ school plays (do homeschoolers do plays??). Their concern: the detention of a psycho ex-marine calling for revolution! while posing with rifles on his facebook page. If you aren’t familiar with who I’m referring to, I encourage you to read up about Brandon Raub.

Well the kooks got just what their Doctor (Paul) ordered. Late last week, pre-terrorist Brandon Raub was ordered to be released by a judge. I don’t know who is crazier, the judge or Raub, but I do know that a public official should know better.

Which brings me to the crux of why this issue bothers me so much: most public officials do know better. In particular, I’m referring to exactly the protectors that Raub has threatened, and what makes him so dangerous to society. Brandon Raub threatened revolution against the government – not the businessmen that rob us blind while calling for lower taxes, not the corporations that poison our environment and not the terrorists that threaten our liberty.

When trained soldiers are calling for revolution! against the state, the one institution that stands between us and certain doom, you do not set them free. You lock them in a psikhushka.